Volume 45 Issue 2
Mar.  2023
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Li Z,Liu R F,Wang Z B,Hu Y S,Kong H D. 2023. Determination of focal mechanism and seismic energy of Luding MS6.8 earthquake on September 5,2022. Acta Seismologica Sinica,45(2):196−202 doi: 10.11939/jass.20220212
Citation: Li Z,Liu R F,Wang Z B,Hu Y S,Kong H D. 2023. Determination of focal mechanism and seismic energy of Luding MS6.8 earthquake on September 5,2022. Acta Seismologica Sinica45(2):196−202 doi: 10.11939/jass.20220212

Determination of focal mechanism and seismic energy of Luding MS6.8 earthquake on September 5,2022

doi: 10.11939/jass.20220212
  • Received Date: 2022-11-22
  • Rev Recd Date: 2022-12-21
  • Available Online: 2023-02-24
  • Publish Date: 2023-03-15
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